Rock in Room

Small space,…big improvement! A much needed re-think of what was possible, let’s add a new “room” to the house. With a season stretching/extending warm (we mean very warm, cosy) fire place - in the true sense. Whether under a clear night sky, or under the “built in” cantilevered umbrella for the rainy nights.


The Vision

To create an inviting space for a family of five ( three teenagers ) the need for a more useable space, and to be able to stretch your legs, a fireplace as the heart with multipurpose eating/lounge with “lush” surroundings. “soothing patio retreat and low maintenance outdoor space to come home to. With a built-in watering system


Our Process

The existing (small) cement slab had to come out and replaced with a more attractive surface, put in a fireplace hearth/mantle as the heart of the space, and surround it with “container” gardens for the garden part, connecting from small “hot tub” to the BBQ.


The Design

This was all custom designed by Turk Landscape, and built from conception with our talented team of masons, carpenter, electrician, gas fitter, and our cedar specialist.


The Details

Rounding the “outdoor” living space with lush “all summer and fall” container garden plantings to wrap yourself in. With fence mounted “succulents” to complete the feel of a garden patio.


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