Quick Answers to Get You Started

  • Do you offer quotes or estimates?

    Yes. We would be happy to provide a consultation for your Victoria landscape design, during which we will tour your property, develop a conceptual plan based on your individual wants and needs, and give you a ballpark budget including all labour and materials. We then will provide a written proposal, including terms and conditions and guaranteed pricing.

  • Do you sell landscape plans for do-it-yourself customers?

    No. We create a customized design for your Victoria landscape and also implement it, as we would like to carry out and ensure its proper application.

  • Can you create drought-tolerant landscapes?

    Yes, we can create beautiful landscapes in Victoria that can survive, and even thrive, with minimal water.

  • Do you do native plantings?

    Yes. We can provide native plants, as well as design landscapes that will blend in with and complement the natural flora of the area.

  • Can you provide low-maintenance landscapes?

    Yes. We can design you a landscape that will be easy to maintain, allowing you to spend less time working and more time enjoying your gorgeous outdoor space. Depending on your needs, this could include a landscape that requires minimal watering or minor pruning and weeding.

  • Can you design landscapes with deer in mind?

    Yes. We can provide you with a design that will protect your investment from munching deer. This may include a variety of defences, such as deer fences or deer-resistant plants.

Realize Your Vision

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